Ladies Jeans & Vintage Pants by Rumble59

A little plea for ladies jeans: Jeans forever! They are a thing of beauty! For the simple fact that they are made for every size and shape - whether you are short or tall, slender or blessed with a curvier figure. Ideally you want a pair of jeans that sets you perfectly into scene with a flattering cut. A great pair of jeans need to be able to tick all boxes: depending on the fit, they must either cover up problem zones or accentuate your best assets. Today, our jeans are available in endless shapes and colours, so no matter what the occasions you will always be well dressed. All ya Rockabellas and Pin-Up Girls watch out: These are definitely denim styles with the original flair of the good old times, when daring Moonshiners raced against Hillbilly-Cops, Rockabilly-Streetgangs fought for Little Italy and the first Rock'n'Roll idols appeared on the stages. Rumble59 - Denim without a cause.

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