Rumble59 Denim & Pants

Rumble59 jeans hark back to rough times: the smell of petrol, bootlegged booze, smoky back rooms and dusty garages. If it's old school stuff you're after, look no further. Conquer the urban jungle with a pair of Rumble59 jeans! Everyone has got some, most can't do without them and wear them daily: a pair of Rumble59 jeans! The jeans look back at a long history. A good 140 years ago the German emigrant Levi Strauss in collaboration with tailor Jacob Davis patented the robust legwear with studs. Originally these pants were designed for gold miners and were made out of brown canvas. Shortly after the patent was granted, the canvas fabric was replaced with dyed dark blue denim - the blue jeans were born. With their indestructible properties, resisting the toughest strains, this worker's gear reached widespread popularity very quickly. In the 50s the jeans turned cult object amongst the rebellious youth. Icons such as Marlon Brando and James Dean played a major part in the blue jeans' worldwide triumphant success.

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