Would you like to add some more rockabilly flair to your belongings? Grab Rumble59's adhesive stickers and attach them to literally anything - your creativity will know no bounds. For a few little coins you can attach Rock'n'Roll flair to your guitar case or munitions box. Our stickers are perfect mini paintings with motifs designed by Jan Meininghaus for rockabilly, 50s and hot-rod fans. Decorating in vintage style has never been that easy!

Stick the 'King' on your Car

Our adhesive stickers can be placed everywhere, from desk and workbench to the trunk of your car - no drill or hammer needed! So that the result will brighten your mood, our stickers feature sexy Pin-up girls and cool vintage emblems of the King of Rock'n'Roll himself. Our stickers are screen printed to achieve the highest image quality and longevity, especially when they are exposed to the elements. Put some of our stickers in your pockets or bag - you never know what needs some spontaneous embellishment. As an alternatively to stickers, you can also purchase lovely large scale Jan Meininghaus posters for the living room, garage or band practice room, or as postcard to send vintage style holiday greetings. Our postcard sets, printed with a silk-finish, are a stylish alternative to the usual holiday postcards depicting sights etc. They also look great on your pin board at home.

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