Postcards - Rockin' Greetings!

Nowadays, everybody sends e-mails or text messages, but holiday greetings through the letterbox are something special. You can't stand to send your friends standard tourist postcards picturing sunsets, sights and beaches? Think outside the box and send Rumble59 postcards with retro designs. Everyone loves to receive these unique prints of paintings in rockabilly and vintage designs. They also look great framed on your wall or desk.

Make lasting Impressions with Postcards in 50s, Rockabilly and Vintage Designs

The stunning prints by Rock'n'Roll artist Jan Meininghaus are available in different styles: as posters, stickers or mouse pads. They also look fantastic on postcards. Vintage motifs such as hot-rods, Pin-up girls or a double bass are painted in rich details and with a good portion of humour. You'll definitely make rockabilly fans and those loving 50s and vintage cards incredibly happy when posting greetings that way. Whether posted from holidays or hung up in your own four walls, rest assured they will make an impression. Their silk-finish print enhances the vintage look of the postcards further. You love the postcards so much you'd like to post them to your own home? Why not just frame them to decorate your desk or just order the poster of the motif you like. Our postcards also look great hung on your walls. If you can't decide on a motif just by our handy set, you can hang them up as a group or keep some spares. You'll always have cards handy when you remember some last-minute birthday greetings need to be sent.

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