Would you like to add some very individual customisation to your jacket or denim vest, or did your bag suffer a burn mark at the weekend? With our rockabilly patches you kill two birds with one stone. All you need is an iron: simply iron on your patch and the patient is completely mended and looks better than ever before. Motifs enjoyed by bikers, Greaser and rockabilly fans designed by Jan Meininghaus cover up scratches very elegantly and update granddad's old leather jacket beautifully.

Patches open new Opportunities

Patches have a very long tradition amongst bikers and Rock'n'Roll fans. They're a great cost effective way to update old or worn looking garments, which have been gathering dust in the wardrobe for a while, into edgy pieces of clothing. Style your bags or jackets with rockabilly patches to express your personality. Our Rumble59 patches were especially designed for Greasers, Hot-rodders and Roller girls. They go perfectly with vintage and rockabilly fashion or a 50s style pin-up girl outfit. Your creativity will know no bounds, whether you are adding subtle highlights or creating a painting from multiple patches. Don't bother with granny's needle and thread; our patches can simply be ironed onto bags and jackets. Their high quality production and thick material make them street and bar-proof. If you'd also like to add some personal finishing touches to your car or guitar case, you'll find also adhesive stickers with rockabilly and hot-rod motifs in our shop.

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