Schmiere Accessories and Merchandise

Hair and beard care products aren't enough for the incomparable Schmiere raven! He steadily works on ingenious merchandise plans to expand his prey on further product groups. By now you could see his face on enamel cups, mousepads, buckles, t-shirts, pins and patches. But his smart and first-class products aren't his single target: He dreams of spreading his likeness as much as possible over the world to finally seize the world domination.

Rumble59 - Schmiere Merchandise

Just hair and beard care products aren't enough for our ambitious Schmiere raven. He tirelessly works on his clever merchandise plans to branch out into other product categories. His image now decorates enamel mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, pins and patches, but this is not enough for the raven. He secretly dreams of conquering the globe with his brand.

Schmiere Accessories for Pomade Fans

For years the raven and his feathered buddies have been tirelessly creating styling and care products. Let them have their moment of glory! For all of you who use his pomade and aftershave, you can now also decorate your belts or chest with the Schmiere raven. All our pins, buckles, iron-on patches and other accessories prove that our raven got all whizzy in his lab. To spread his fame even further he has created wobblers resembling his closest relatives.

Rockabilly Buckles and Pins featuring the Schmiere Raven

Our Rumble59 range of casual belt buckles is plentiful. If you don't feel like wearing your hot-rod or Stray Cat belt buckle, how about one featuring a raven. Our pomade master and his lady friend gave their best when posing for the design. If you prefer to start off a little more subtly, perhaps one of our great value pins featuring the raven gang would be more your cup of tea? They are the perfect accessory to customise your bags and jackets.

Schmiere Gadgets for the Desk and Car

The clever raven's creativity knows no bounds, he even immortalised himself on a mouse pad. His most recent merchandise addition are wobblers featuring all the members of the raven team. If they posed voluntarily or if they were bribed with pomade is still out for the jury. One thing is certain though - Schmieres' inexorable rise to stardom and fame continues.

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