Combs for the perfect hairstyling

No rockabilly hairstyle moulds perfectly without a comb! Rumble59 combs are not just for their look and design popular, they are also crafted with the highest quality and craftsmanship. With these beautifully shaped combs creating an Elvis quiff, slicked back hair or pomps is a walk in the park. Be aware though of the envious looks you'll get when touching up your hair in public!

Rumble59 Combs for the perfect Rockabilly Hairstyle

If you are scared that your quiff might flatten on the way to your date put a Rumble59 comb in your back pocket, giving you the opportunity to quickly rescue your style in style. Impeccable craftsmanship, sophisticated design and curious little details is what a good styling tool needs.

Stylish Tools for Teddy Boys, Greasers and Quiff Fans

Self-respecting Teddy boys and Greasers will never leave their home without a pocket comb. With their beautiful design you can flash a Rumble59 comb even when your date is watching, and they glide through your hair like butter. Whether it's a pomp, quiff or slicked back hair with one of our Rumble59 pocket combs, authentic styling is super easy. Carry it in your front or back pocket and it's always in reach for quick touch ups. To avoid flashing your comb too excessively, we recommend our trusty Schmiere pomades for a strong hold even in gale force conditions.

Variety in Shapes and Sizes - Chose your personal Comb

Rumble59 combs are available in different shapes and sizes especially for Rockabillies and Rockabellas. With their edgy designs featuring anchors, sculls and guitars you can even hang them on your wall. For booze heads we have a comb with an integrated bottle opener. Our butterfly combs are made especially for more wiry hair. In our Rumble59 Schmiere selection you'll also find beard care products.

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