Perfect care for the second-best piece of man

Since 2009 when Rumble59 established Schmiere with it's iconic raven as a brand, the raven has continuously explored other hair care avenues and has successfully branched out in the beard care products such as shaving foam, aftershave and beard oil. The tubs with their lovely vintage labels picture a portrait of the raven - sometimes with beard, sometimes without, depending on his mood. Even though the raven likes to change the look on the labels, the high quality and originality of his products are consistent. We are convinced that the raven has some more tricks up his sleeve. Stay tuned!

Rumble59 Beard Care - Aftershave, Shaving Foam and more

Occasionally wearing a beard himself, the Schmiere raven knows, it's not just the hair on top of your head that needs looking after. Don't just get your beard pampered when visiting your barbershop, continue to look after your precious facial hair at home. Our Schmiere collection's aftershaves, beard oils and shaving foams turn rough guys into gentlemen and lift your seduction skills to a new level.

Look after your Beard with Schmiere - Vintage Styling at its Best

Whether it's a fashionable three-day stubble look, a moustache or a full beard, your facial hair and skin underneath need tender loving care, starting with the shave. Rumble59's aftershave gives your skin a refreshing boost every morning. Just a glance at our nostalgic glass bottles is all that is needed to inspire you to look after your beard. Rockabillies, Greasers and Teddy boys are rewarded with the most amazing soft skin and seductively masculine and spicy scent which will make the girls weak at the knees. If you are a fan of a neatly full-shaven face la James Dean using a shaving knife and brush, have a look at our Rumble59 shaving foam which is formulated from a secret recipe and smells like a sea breeze. You'll make easy work of the stubble and the girls won't leave your side.

Beard Care with Beard Oil - Become your own Barber

To sweeten the wait until your next visit to the barber, our Schmiere team have, in between producing pomades, created subtly scented beard oil. For straightforward and simple application it comes with a handy applicator. If you've already turned into a proper Schmiere fan, head to our 'Others' section where you can find more rockabilly accessories featuring our iconic raven.

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