Rockabilly Denim for Kids

Rockabilly Jeans for kids

Not only grown up rock'n'roll fans enjoy a pair of nice jeans. Vintage denim by rumble59 is the perfect choice for long afternoons on the playground, a trip to the ice cream parlor or construction work in the sand box. It is tough, long lasting and good looking - three good reasons for young Rockabillies and their parents to choose jeans by Rumble59.

Rumble59 has the right jeans for your rock'n'roll offspring

Young rebels have every right to look as good as their parents do in their pair of jeans.. Now they have the opportunity to look even better - with rockabilly jeans by Rumble59 for the little ones. With unisex jeans in vintage style and a kids t-shirts your son is the best dressed guy on every playground. Girls who choose a fancy jeans skirt will have a good chance to get a lot of free ice cream by the boys in their neighbourhood.

These jeans are truly long lasting

Sometimes life is dirty. Our jeans for kids are as tough as it is necessary when there is an adventure waiting around every corner. They stay in shape through long days full of climbing, bike races and unavoidable fights with some gang from the neighbourhood. Made for rock'n'roll - at any age.

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