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Kids Fashion by Rumble59

You are looking for kids fashion with a rock'n'roll attitude? Here you get high quality vintage jeans by Rumble59 for young rebels of both sexes - comfortable, robust and good looking. Pair it with a kids t-shirt by Rumble59 for a convincing rockabilly outfit.

Rockabilly fashion by Rumble59 provides young rebels with the right look

You can't start early enough with a rock'n'roll lifestyle. Kids fashion by Rumble59 is the perfect choice to enjoy life between playground and classroom. Our kids jeans and shirts turn heads around. Besides they are as tough as they look like. That's something mum and dad will like too.

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Kids jeans are the ideal pants for indoors and outdoors

Robust, good looking and easy-to-care-for - these features make jeans the most famous pants worldwide. They are also the reasons why jeans are perfectly suited for wild chases, afternoons in a tree house or a spontaneous soccer match on the schoolyard. You get kids jeans by rumble59 as unisex jeans, dungarees, pretty jeans skirts and dresses. There is something for every boy and every girl.

Kids t-shirts with unique rock'n'roll prints

Jeans look the best in combination with a nice shirts. Kids shirts by Rumble59 are decorated with unique prints and allow young Teddy Boys and Teddy Girls to show their love for a rock'n'roll lifestyle. No wonder some dads feel envious.

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