Authentic Rockabilly Shoes from Rumble59

Matching shoes are the crowning glory of every rockabilly, biker or Teddy boy outfit. Our saddle shoes are made for anyone on the lookout for authentic, comfortable and hardwearing 50s style footwear without cutting any corners. For the tough ride, we recommend biker boots made from cowhide by Rumble59 and Sendra. Just add a cool wallet chain to round off the look.

Rockabilly Shoes in authentic 50s Look

To pull off a 50s outfit you can't do without the appropriate footwear - suited and booted, right? Rumble59's rockabilly shoes imitate the elegant saddle shoes, which carried 50s musicians around. We've got the two-tone classic in different variations - hot soles to make an impression on the dance floor or casino. Excellent craftsmanship guaranteed! For a drive out on your bike or a trip to the wilderness check out our steel-capped biker boots, which offer best protection. You never know what might happen?

Saddle Shoes and Biker Boots - Vintage Footwear for all Occasions

Saddle shoes are true classics of American fashion. Due to their different coloured 'saddle' these footwear favourites guaranteed attention and were widely popular amongst ladies and gents as Rock'n'Roll footgear. Rockabilly icons such as Elvis Presley wore them on stage, their fans on the dance floor. The authentic 50s style remake by Rumble59 is available in different colour combinations. Choose some vintage jeans or chinos, a lounge shirt and shape a cool quiff to make your elegant 50s Rock'n'Roll outfit absolutely watertight. If something more substantial is needed for tough physical work, garage or wilderness, then grab a pair of our biker boots. In collaboration with Sendra, our hand made boots are sophisticated and well thought through. Grab a checked shirt and a pair of jeans and you will cut a fine figure in any bar. With these boots, made from high-end leather, oil-resistant soles and with added steel caps, you can hit any road.

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