Rumble59 Schmiere

Do you need a break from the trusty pomade classics such as Murray's or Black and White? You won't believe the powers of Rumble 59's hair grease Schmiere - a true performance artist and answer to all your 50s hair style needs. Carefully selected and with cheeky designs, they make your rockabilly hair style a piece of cake. We even have special Schmiere hair grease for the ladies, and our daredevil the Schmiere raven has also concocted shampoo and shaving foam to complete the range.

Schmiere Hair Grease - Pomade & Co for your Rockabilly Hair Style

The secret of each and every top-notch rockabilly hairstyle is reliable pomade. Rumble59's Schmiere guarantees a perfectly moulded mane all day. Our pomade shop offers a wide range of hair grease types, for beginners and professionals. Schmiere is available in varying degrees of hardness: from soft to rock solid, as water-based variety and a special edition for Pin-up girls. They are presented in iconic little tubs, illustrated with the Schmiere raven.

Get your Hair in Shape - Browse our Pomade Shop

You want to achieve the perfect quiff? All you need is its half-century old recipe for success: a dollop of trusty pomade. For a number of years our Schmiere raven has reliably looked after the hair of our Rockabillies and Rockabellas. In fact, he has actually built a pomade imperium with lavishly scented styling products for each hair type and need. Soft pomade is ideal for beginners or those who just want to create some subtle texture. If you need a greaser style hair-do that can compete with your cool saddle shoes and wallet chain, go for a medium or strong hold pomade. If you really need to tame your mane or are exposed to a more blustery climate, then head for our rock hard pomade to cement your quiff in place. If you can't make up your mind, order one of our handy sets - now also including our Schmiere raven wobbler. If you enjoy a little bit of diversity take a look at our special editions: our 'Better Dan' hair grease adds a hint of honey to your locks, and our Gambling edition exudes notes of coconut. Our rose tinted special edition pomade for ladies wraps each Rockabella in a delicious strawberry-vanilla sundae scent. Think you might struggle rinsing the product off? Conquer your doubts with our special shampoo Schmier Ex or alternatively use water-soluble Schmiere. For your daily overhaul, add the raven's fragrant beard oils and after-shaves to your toiletry selection. Don't hesitate and get your locks in shape with Rumble59's hair grease Schmiere.

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