Rumble59 Racing Sweater

Racing sweaters have been around for almost a century. During the 40s and 50s they were particularly popular with bike club members - usually decorated with the club?s logo or the wearer's personal name. Rumble59's racing sweaters stay true to this heritage but raise the bar with additional features. With their heavy knit, sophisticated embroidery and further details our sweaters are the casual go to top for Rockabillies and Hot-rodders during the colder seasons - they are authentic, appealing and warm.

The Racing Sweater - A 50s Classic updated

Cold winds are howling and short sleeves aren't protecting you from the elements. Time to sort out your rockabilly winter wardrobe, which keeps you warm however low the outside temperature plummets. Rumble59's racing sweaters keep in style with the classics from the 40s and 50s and combine both authentic look and individuality. Their heavy knit protects you from sudden arctic conditions and intricately embroidered hot-rod and rockabilly motifs will give your outfit the edge. With a racing sweater you are prepared on every level.

Knit Sweaters in Rockabilly Look to get you through the Winter

Rumble59's racing sweaters harp back to their predecessors from the 40s and 50s. Back then they were mainly worn at motorbike club events; their designs usually displayed the club's logo or advertisements of sponsors and brands. Like their forefathers our sweaters are equipped with a half-zip at the neck quickly turning them into a polo neck - just in case it gets a little nippy at the racetrack or icy at a snowball fight. Make best use of the heavy knit and turn the sweater's hems into gloves to beat the cold. Compared to the simple racing sweaters of the 40s and 50s we have stepped up the game and enhanced our sweaters with rockabilly and hot-rod illustrations, such as vintage look lettering, sculls, old-timers and other elements to give them the unique and unmistakable look of a rockabilly winter outfit. Still not warm enough? Layer up with a warm lumberjack winter jacket and add a knitted hat to erase the word 'shivering' from your vocabulary.

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