Rumble59 Jackets

Broken down with your bike in freezing conditions, staggering back home from a party at the early hours or do you just need some cool gear that lets you brave the elements? Grab a trusty Rumble59 jacket - available in different types and true vintage styles for all seasons: classic clicker jackets, worker jackets with plush padding, jean and checked jackets. Sure thing, we also have lumberjack style jackets with ultra-thick fur lining for seriously frosty nights. Our search for true originals sent us back to the time when the first hot-rod clubs gathered and Teddy boys roamed the streets of London.

Rockabilly Jackets for all Seasons

Even the toughest guys need some protection from the battering elements. Here, you find rockabilly jackets for all seasons: sporty college jackets for mild spring evenings, worker jackets for your chilly garage or well-padded winter jackets for your next logging job north of the arctic circle. Their comfort goes hand in hand with a casual vintage look. No matter what you do - camping at a festival or tinkering at your hot-rod at sub-zero temperatures - you'll always make a lasting impression and stay a step ahead of all weather conditions with Rumble59's rockabilly jackets.

A Rumble59 Jacket - Dress in Style to brave all Weathers

Are you looking for a jacket for work and spare time that has Rock'n'Roll written all over it? Our Rumble59 worker and clicker jackets combine functionality with a casual vintage look. Even in the toughest environment they work like a bulwark against the cold and damp. Heading to the pub straight after work? No worries, with their classic 50s style cuts and hot-rod motifs at the back you brush up well for the occasion with our rockabilly jackets. Put a rockabilly shirt and vintage jeans underneath and you'll rock every party. For the winter we stock well-padded rockabilly jackets lumberjack style with large check patterns. A thick layer of plush padding on the inside provides cosy warmth in the most frosty conditions and blizzards. Come spring, summer and fall, don a polished look with a college jacket in authentic old school style as an exciting alternative to a sweater or a hoodie. To achieve a different look, clad yourself in a timeless and versatile denim jacket with long sleeves or in true biker fashion as vest. Polish your style by choosing a protective layer in the form of a rockabilly jacket by Rumble59.

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