Rumble59 Buckles for Him

Does your rockabilly outfit need an eye-catching buckle to achieve perfection? Our gratitude lies with Big Bad John who mined the metal for Rumble59's buckles with his own hands. However, the material had to wait for years, lying piled high in dusty corners until being used for its glorious purpose: our rockabilly buckles. Whilst laying the foundation for the Rumble59 buckle gang, he saved 20 of his buddies from the caving mine - a true hero!

Rumble59 Rockabilly Buckles for Him

With this wide selection of buckle beauties, completing your 50s outfit is child's play. Nothing channels your true passion for a Rock'n'Roll lifestyle, custom cars, and tattoo art better than a Rumble59 rockabilly buckle. With intricate motifs carved into polished metal you can select your favourite theme from a broad range; each and every one looking just simply awesome. Getting changed is easy peasy - stay in your pants and just swap your belt buckle. Sometimes small details can have a vast impact.

Set a Mark for Rock'n'Roll with Rockabilly Buckles

You dressed yourself in raw denim jeans, a rockabilly shirt and biker boots but your outfit lacks some personality? Rumble59 rockabilly buckles don't just look amazing, your choice of motif also shows what rocks your boat. In our selection you'll find first rate buckles in a used look with classic rockabilly designs featuring sculls, playing cards, smart hot-rods and dynamic lettering.

Changing Clothes - A Piece of Cake with Rockabilly Buckles

You can attach our rockabilly buckles with a few simple steps to every belt: open the two push-buttons on your belt, pull the open belt end through the strap on your buckle, close the buttons, done. You see, a small selection of buckles brings zest to your life. The matching belts are obviously also available in our shop.

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