Wallets and Bags

At a loss as to where the hell to put your wad of notes, loose change and other stuff? Look no further, we've got high quality real leather wallets and hardwearing canvas bags for every rockabilly - first-rate quality and design, loads of room and functionality guaranteed. Admit it, we have convinced you already.
Where do you store all your every day things you carry around with you? Our rockabilly leather wallets are the perfect storage solution in authentic 50s look, inside and out. A matching wallet chain will prevent you from accidentally loosing your pennies. Your bulkier belongings are best stored in our worker bags made from canvas - after all, your hard working laptop deserves a nice place to rest too. Rumble59 bags combine Rock'n'Roll with functionality and get some extra brownie points for their roominess. Furthermore, they resist the most strenuous conditions without losing their shape.

Rockabilly Wallets Teddy boy style - A Home for your Notes and Plastic

For over half a century, the basic equipment of the Teddy boy included a wallet with matching wallet chain. With a Rumble59 wallet you can store your money, cards and phone numbers in style. Our beautiful wallets, crafted from heavy leather and with quirky details, make you wanna flash it incessantly. Its complementing chain doesn't just look cool, it also ties it safely to your pants should your night get slightly out of control.

Worker Bags - Vintage Design Canvas Bags

However, just a wallet might not be enough. Don't carry laptop, mobile phone and tool set around in unseemly plastic bags; give them a lovely home with one of our worker bags. These roomy Rumble59 bags, made of robust canvas, offer enough storage space for a 17" laptop or an A4/letter sized folder. Additional features make this bag fit for the 21st century: separate mobile phone pocket, loop for a pencil and inside pocket with a zip. Their vintage design with elaborate embroidery at the front transforms Rumble59 bags into a super stylish vehicle for your stuff. If you want to add a personal note, customise your bag with a rockabilly patch - just iron on.

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