Rumble59 Ladies Shoes

If you are on the lookout for some authentic shoes for your Rockabella or pin-up girl outfit, you'll find all you need here. Our vintage look shoes are the perfect addition to your 50s style wardrobe; they are not just beautiful but also incredibly comfortable. Rumble59's saddle shoes, made from high quality leather, are our tribute to this American footwear classic. At the beginning of the last century these two-tone shoes were already worn by sportsmen. During the 1950s you could see them on the feet of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Saddle shoes are a classy alternative to trainers and you probably rarely see them on other girls' feet. Furthermore, they go fantastically well with wide leg Marlene pants or a pair of jeans.

Rockabilly Shoes - Saddle Shoes and Biker Boots

"Fine feathers make fine birds." Every fashion-conscious lady knows that. With Rumble59 footwear your precious feet are so stylishly presented that even Marilyn herself would have envied you. Our two-tone saddle shoes are an elegant addition to every Rockabella's and Pin-up girl's wardrobe. Rock'n'Roll on the dance floor? Child's play. If you spend your weekends in sandy deserts, cotton wool plantations or quarries it's probably best to get a pair of Sendra biker boots especially made for Rumble59. No chance of getting bitten by poisonous snakes with these welt-sewn boots. They don't just provide good protection, but look fantastic too so no need to swap shoes for your well-earned beer in the evening.

Rumble 59's Classic Rock'n'Roll Shoes - Raise Eyebrows with Saddle Shoes

Saddle shoes were the casual shoe of the 50s - as Elvis and Marilyn proved. They clad the feet of rockabilly legends, Pin-up girls and Hollywood stars. Even mum and dad would were them when sneaking off to record hops. Rumble59 offers these legendary rockabilly shoes in authentic old school look and in different colour variations: Cherry Red, Black Bettie and Bonnie Moronie. You are spoiled for choice as to what to wear with your petticoat dress or ladies jeans. Saddle shoes are exquisitely comfortable, robust and have a timeless 50s flair - what more can you ask for? These rockabilly shoes are the icing on the cake of your vintage outfit.

Biker Boots - Rockabilly Shoes for proper Rocker Brides

To conquer the roughest terrain Rumble59 has collaborated with Sendra to bring you top-quality steel-toed biker boots made from cowhide and oil-resistant soles. With this rockabilly footwear you can walk across the Grand Canyon without nasty blisters. Our neat boots are a must for rocker brides and biker girls.

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