Rockabilly Tops for Pin-up Girls

Ladies love the allure of the simple t-shirt's many advantages. You won't find any other garments which are as versatile and straightforward. With our rockabilly and pin-up girl style tops you'll instantly transform your top half in one easy step: stick your head and arms through, pull down, done. Casual hoops and ornate vintage illustrations will make heads turn. Show your wild side with a hand-painted top or look sweet as cake in one of our 50s style Carmen tops with polka dots.
h2>Ladies Rockabilly Tops with Rock'n'Roll Appeal Uncomplicated and straightforward clothing is not just popular with the menfolk. Just pull one of our rockabilly t-shirts over your head like your boyfriend does and you'll immediately make time for a second cup of coffee in the morning. Sophisticated Rock'n'Roll motifs at the front turn our t-shirts into exclusive representatives of their kind. Grab one of our sassy hoop tops as a timeless alternative; they come with short sleeves or long sleeves for chilly nights outdoors. If you fancy a cute 50s look, get one of our Carmen shirts with their classic polka dot patters to be perfectly dressed for a tea party or a romantic afternoon at the lake.

Rock'n'Roll guaranteed with Rumble59 Ladies Tops

There are those nights when even the most fashion-conscious Rockabellas can't be bothered to properly dolling up, and leave their dress and petticoat in the wardrobe. When the dance floor calls just pull a rockabilly top on. Decorated with sexy Pin-up girls, hot-rods and other rockabilly motifs you'll convince all doubters that your heart beats for Rock'n'Roll. Simply add a buckle and a pair of attractive Rumble59 vintage jeans and the party can start.

Hoops, Polka Dots and Bows - Rockabilly Tops Old school Style

Are you in the mood for hoops? Stripy tops are a lovely alternative to illustrations. Here at Rumble59 we stock them short-sleeved for sunny days and long-sleeved for chilly nights at festivals or garden parties. Our Carmen tops radiate nostalgia with their sweet polka dots and bows. But beware: the effect of our figure-hugging rockabilly tops have caused many seamen to go overboard!

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