Rumble59 Dresses & Skirts

Rumble59 for girls doesn't just offer jeans and edgy tops, Rockabellas who adore a classic look will find much to love in our selection: 50s style sexy pencil skirts, minis, circle skirts and artfully patterned knitted dresses. Our easy to mix and match dresses and skirts are versatile and suitable for every occasion, from spare time and office to party or days out - prime examples of a timeless and feminine vintage look. What are you waiting for? It's time to treat yourself.

Vintage Style Rockabilly Dresses and Skirts

Rumble59 dresses and skirts are multitasking, they are feminine, elegant and sexy at the same time. For Rockabellas, Pin-up girls and 50s loving girlies and ladies, we proudly present a colourful range of original knitted and petticoat dresses, pencil skirts and more essentials which hark back to timeless 50s fashion marrying Rock'n'Roll with jukebox. Are you looking for an outfit for your next Rock'n'Roll party, a chic skirt to wear at the office or simply trying to state with your outfit that the world is your oyster? With Rumble59's selection of clothing you'll find all the answers you are looking for.

Trust the unique Charme of 50s Women Fashion

You think sexy equates to flashing some flesh? Think again. Dresses and skirts in 50s style will show you how to set your curves into scene without showing too much. With their timeless charm, circle skirts and petticoat dresses hug your body in an exciting and tantalising way; classis polka dot patterns and cute bows add even more zing. Figure-hugging up top and flaring from the waist downwards, these dresses and skirts will get some serious attention on the dance floor, in the office, or on a sailing trip.

Rumble59 Rockabilly Dresses for all Occasions

Our 50s style Rock'n'Roll dresses and skirts are the perfect alternative to a pair of jeans adorned with a pretty buckle. Here at Rumble59 we also have knitted dresses for the winter season - it would be cruel to deprive you of the opportunity to choose between denim or dress whatever the weather, wouldn't it? With their hot short skirts and lovely rockabilly illustrations they'll make the temperature rise automatically. If you need something less cosy, have a look at our stunning denim minis. They are a fantastic alternative to our rockabilly dresses, and hey - one can never get tired of marriage proposals, right?

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