Rumble59 Ladies Buckles

Beautifully crafted buckles aren't just for men, they are also stunning eye-catchers for every Rockabella's and Pin-up girl's outfit. Adorned with classic rockabilly symbols such as cherries and sculls these buckles will make your Rumble59 ladies denim look even more spectacular. No one will doubt your passion for Rock'n'Roll with one of our cool buckles.

Rumble59 Buckles for your Rockabella Outfit

This is our range of stunning buckles for all Rockabellas, Pin-up girls and all those ladies for whom Rock'n'Roll is not just a simple catchphrase. Meticulously forged over fire and decorated with grinning sculls, cherries, hot-rods and other famous rockabilly motifs, who would have thought that a piece of metal can look that good? Time to buckle up ladies, the night is still young!

Rockabilly Belt Buckles add Variety to your Outfit

There are endless reasons as to why you just can't get away without a belt buckle. Rockabilly belt buckles are true gems for all devotees of the 50s look and sound. Simply a belt and a few easy steps are all it takes to make a shiny statement for the Rock'n'Roll lifestyle and to polish off your pin-up girl outfit. The Rumble59 buckle selection is diverse, featuring gambling motifs, hot-rods or sweet cherries. Our talented blacksmiths craft belt buckles in classic and edgy rockabilly designs such as the Stray Cats, the Sun Studio, sculls or proverbs in striking lettering.

Jeans & Top or Skirt & Shirt - Buckles are versatile

Rockabilly buckles are a versatile accessory. Whether it's a Rock'n'Roll inspired pin-up girl outfit of ladies jeans and a t-shirt or a denim mini and blouse, rockabilly buckles are the perfect jewellery to go with it. All you need is a belt and your buckle can be attached in a couple of simple steps.

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