Ladies Belts by Rumble59

Belts can be to the most important accessories in every wardrobe. After all, they do make sure that your trousers will stay where they are supposed to, and by fulfilling such an important role they need to look gorgeous too. With a Rumble59 belt even your most shabby looking jeans will brush up well. Our belts will let you swap buckles in a couple of simple steps. Find your new rockabilly style belt here in our shop.
If you are looking for a multitasking belt you've come to the right place. Rumble59 leather belts keep your pants in place, flatter your waist and let you attach your most favourite buckle. And last but not least, our belts look amazing, with or without a rockabilly buckle. They come in a variety of styles: monochrome and plain, with studs or la Marlon Brando with cross-stitch. To be prepared for all eventualities have a look at our belt and buckle sets in a lovely wooden box, making an ideal gift for the Rockabillies and Rockabellas in your life, your boyfriend or yourself.

High-Quality Vintage Belts that last a Lifetime

Perhaps you've finally had enough of cheap and plasticky looking belts which fall apart in a matter months. Here at Rumble59 you'll find belts made from heavy leather and hardwearing double-buckles which will accompany you your whole lifetime. In their stunning 50s style they work well with every rockabilly outfit, so there is no need to hide them underneath your top, especially when wearing one of our cool buckles. You are spoiled for choice with our range of belts; they come classic and plain in a variety of colours or, if you like it a bit wilder, have a look at our belts with studs. If 'The Wild One' has always been one of your favourite movies, you'll be pleased to know that Rumble59 also offers belts with cross-stitch as worn by Marlon Brando in the very same cult picture. You see, you'll be properly prepared for your next ride with your girly biker gang.

Rockabilly Buckle & Belt Sets

Rumble59 belts have replaceable buckles so that you can easily attach your favourite rockabilly buckle. You are still missing the perfect buckle we hear you saying? With our belt and buckle sets your problem is sorted. Select a belt and choose your favourite buckle and we'll send you your custom set in a neat little wooden box - it obviously also includes the standard double-buckle for the days you need to tone down your outfit. This little parcel doesn't just make your wardrobe happy, it also brings joy to others, especially when lying under the Christmas tree. Ultimately, everyone needs a belt, right?

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