Do you fancy a dance? Saddle shoes are the ultimate rockabilly shoes to get hotfooted on the dance floor. Here at Rumble59 we have classic saddle shoes made from thick leather in authentic 50s look. In combination with a rockabilly or pin-up girl outfit our saddle shoes are the perfect partner for the dance floor, a shopping spree or a cocktail party.

Saddle Shoes - Eternal Classic with Rock'n'Roll Appeal

Saddle shoes have been around since the beginning of the 20th century, but they first turned fashionable a few decades later. In the 50s they celebrated their birth as Rock'n'Roll shoes for ladies and gents. Elvis himself wore them in 'Jailhouse Rock', as did thousands of teenagers in milk bars, at their proms and in drive-in cinemas. Rumble59 revives this 50s classic in different colours and with impeccable craftsmanship. Whether you're wearing a bowling shirt, a rockabilly dress or jeans and shirt, saddle shoes are the crowning glory of any 50s outfit. With these shoes your feet will start dancing all by themselves.

Be prepared for Strains and Dangers with Biker Boots

These boots are made for walking! In collaboration with Sendra we developed our casual looking biker boots with lots of survival abilities. With their steel-capped toes and oil-resistant soles a spontaneous and strenuous hike through a desert is a walk in the park for our biker boots. If you are worried about poisonous snakebites or other similar dangers, you'll be well protected in our biker boots. With jeans, t-shirt and a leather belt they are also a stylish mode of transport in public.

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