Do you look for a cool top quality belt to achieve rockabilly style perfection? Big Bad John mined the metal for Rumble59's buckles with his own hands. However, the material had to wait for years, lying piled high in dusty corners until being used for its glorious purpose: our rockabilly buckles. So let us all thank him, not just for his backbreaking job, but also for laying the foundation for the Rumble59 buckle gang and saving 20 of his buddies from the mine caving.

Rockabilly Belt Buckles by Rumble59

Our rockabilly belt buckles, forged from tough metal, are Rock'n'Roll personified and bring a nice change from boring 'naked' belts. They are intricately illustrated with hot-rods, sculls, and gambling emblems showing the world that your heart beats for Rock'n'Roll and polish off your rockabilly outfit. We also stock the matching belts.

Buckles for Hot-rodders, Rockabillies and Pin-up Girls

Whether you are a woman or a man, a Greaser, Teddy boy, Hot-rodder or Pin-up girl, if Rock'n'Roll is flowing in your veins a buckle is an absolute must-have. Here you will find a rich selection of true rockabilly gems which help you make a statement. Sophisticated hot-rods meet gambling symbols - the buckles for Stray Cat fans. For Rockabellas we have cherry designs to sweeten their belts. Whatever you choose, our buckles are fit for every party, they look as great on the dance floor as on the poker tables in dingy backrooms. Even after years and years of wild Rock'n'Roll lifestyle they will still remain a loyal companion.

Buckle up in Style

Rockabilly belt buckles are as straightforward as they are effective. The only thing you need is a belt to attach them to - belts are of course available in our shop too. All you need to complete your outfit are a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. If you prefer a more elegant 50s look, match our belt buckles with a chic bowling shirt and chinos or a ladies shirt. An eye-catching belt buckle is all you need to make a lasting impression.

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